Andrew's 2018 in Review: Favourite Hip-Hop Albums

My favourite hip-hop albums of 2018!

2 years ago

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I decided that it was hard for me to leave out so many great albums in my "favourite albums of the year" list. This is what these guides are for, stating specific genre favourites. After that I will release my list of favourite albums with more in-depth descriptors. So what's the difference between that and these sections? Well, growing up I was always drawn towards album covers. It usually would lead me checking out some weird music, and certain genres have art styles that represent a certain sound. What I'm attempting to do is just post a certain number of albums each post with just their album artwork (and short description of sound). This presents itself as if you're in a record store, fishing through the bins and not knowing much about the albums you see. Is this pretentious? You're call on that and I hope seeing these albums on the list gives you more incentive to seek out what they actually sound like.

Now hip-hop has had a wonderful year, if you only listen to the music. Some noteworthy dramas, most surrounding Kanye (whose Wyoming series does not make the list at all). Trap has taken over the mainstream radio, and the underground is starting to flirt with lots of experimentation. We also see the Chicago scene flourishing outside of Chance the Rapper (in the new wave). I'm almost positive I couldn't listen to or list every album, and for that this list isn't exhaustive. As always, support the art and seek out more than you already know.


Chicago jazz rap with the story telling of good kid/maad city.

Avantdale Bowling Club - S/T

If a New Zealand native took To Pimp a Butterfly's instrumentals over this own rhymes.


Part Three 6 Mafia, part modern trap, and part A$AP Rocky atmosphere.

Earl Sweatshirt - Some Rap Songs

Imagine Earl more depressed, but backed with tape loops for days.

Sylvan Lacue - Apologies in Advance

An album about the struggles of being an artist presented in a way of an AA meeting.

Quelle Chris & Jean Grae - Everything's Fine


Busdriver - electricity is on our side

Busdriver heard about Kanye's 20min albums, and said fuck it - throws together an 1hr 23min jazz rap masterpiece.

Playboi Carti - Die Lit

This is one of those albums that was made for the gym. Not to mention the adlib work is just art itself.


JPEGMAFIA is angry and he's not afraid to flaunt it.

Noname - Room 25

Highly anticipated comeback, Noname shows her lyrical chops on an almost slam poetry level jazz rap album.

Further albums to checkout:

Rejjie Snow - Dear Annie

Pink Siifu - ensley

Cities Aviv - Raised for a Better View

MIKE - Renaissance Man

lojii - lofeye

Milo - budding ornithologists are weary of tired analogies

Armand Hammer - Paraffin

Hermit and the Recluse - Orpheus vs the Sirens

Nostrum Grocers - S/T

Rico Nasty - Nasty

Junglepussy - JP3

Joey Purp - Quarterthing

Death Grips - Year of the Snitch

Sheck Wes - MUDBOY

Young Thug - On the Rvn

Vince Staples - FM!

XXX - Language

Rich Brian - Amen

Andrew Kalichak

Published 2 years ago