Andrew's 2018 in Review: Favourite Rock Albums

My favourite rock releases of the year!

2 years ago

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Oh boy, is rock dead? My selection might enforce that idea but more likely my tastes don't align with what most people consider "rock" music. My choices for favourite rock albums that you will see that I use the term "rock" very loosely compared to the other genres I highlight. Partly because so much of rock music I enjoy has crossover with genres like punk/folk, and partly because some of these releases I didn't know exactly where to stick them.

Rock music can mean a lot of things. It can mean the Beatles, Guns N Roses, Arcade Fire, or even Imagine Dragons. None of those bands sound alike but that's why us music historians love making everything more complicated into these specific sub-genres that even sometimes have no meaning sonically. In 2018, we saw an amazing change for rock music - we have witnessed more great female acts taking the headlines. Now this isn't to discredit the amazing women of the past who were involved with rock music, but more so the recognition they deserve along side the male dominated genre. She isn't on my list but Snail Mail's, Lindsey Jordan, has been making waves around the internet and I will always happily support young and upcoming musicians. Snail Mail isn't exactly my cup of tea musically, but there is no denying how much of an impact Lindsey will have on young women who want to attempt creating their own rock band. Anyways, enough politics, here's my favourite rock releases of 2018.

In case you missed what I'm doing in these sections, I'm only highlighting my favourites of this year with only the album artwork and a short description of it. My proper end of the year list will come after with more in depth discussion.

Illuminati Hotties - Kiss Yr Frenemies

Emo tinged indie pop with summerly playful sound.

Exploded View - Obey

Noise rock band tries their hand in krautrock this time around (and they do it really well).

Mid-Air Thief - Crumbling

Is this rock, or just some psych folk project? Either way, this South Korean band takes the sound of early Grizzly Bear and Animal Collective with some own cultural twists.

Nadine - oh my

Jazzy indie pop. What more could a soul want?

The Spirit of the Beehive - Hypnic Jerks

Like most modern indie rock bands, the Pavement influence is clear. What this band does differently? They do just that flawlessly.

Haru Nemuri - harutosyura

J-Pop? Noise rock? Yeah the Japanese love their noise rock (and so do I!) but who knew these two genres could sound so well together.

Nine Inch Nails - Bad Witch

Alright. Let's just throw that rock term out the window. Who cares because this album bangs either way.

Foxing - Nearer My God

Emo band wants to try something new... Oh okay, you want to make the next OK Computer? Well, surprise it might be the closest thing to the emo OK Computer ever.

Mothers - Render Another Ugly Method

Well let's just take this indie folk formula, throw it out the window, and now apply this off-kilter Talking Heads indie rock.

Sidney Gish - No Dogs Allowed

Yeah yeah yeah... this was released in 2017. But lets give Sidney Gish a break because it was released December 31st, 2017. Anyways, looking for some catchy indie rock? Sidney's your girl!

Further Listening

Mitski - Be the Cowboy

Sloppy Jane - Willow

Hater - Siesta

Postcards - I'll Be Here in the Morning

Jyocho - The Beautiful Cycle of Terminal


Young Jesus - The Whole Thing is Just There

Maison Book Girl - Yume

Andrew Kalichak

Published 2 years ago