Andrew's 2018 in Review: Favourite Experimental Albums

My favourite experimental releases of 2018.

2 years ago

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My last entry in this favourite albums of specific genre series, and I chose to go with the most ambiguous term in music. Experimental music can be literally anything and so I'm defining it in a way if an album doesn't exactly have a certain place in the other genres I did. Now this itself is hard to measure because I'm almost certain I could have put these albums elsewhere as a lot have crossover with electronic, ambient, and modern classical. But I thought that might have done some injustice of certain albums that are included in this list, and needed their own separate category.

2018 isn't the only year for experimental music, of course it has always happened since the beginning of music. It is only how we create new sounds is to experiment. That's why this term can mostly just be thrown out the window. If someone never heard of rock music that could indeed be experimental to them. So the albums I come across as experimental sound otherworldly to myself - and that's exactly what a lot of these albums do for me, even if they aren't exactly creating an entire genre.

I'd like to take the time to also thank everyone who has read these sections, as well my co-hosts Jagan and Aidan - without them I probably wouldn't be writing these. I'd like to thank all the wonderful musicians this year who continue to release art, and for that matter anyone who releases art in any form of media. They truly make the world a more interesting environment when so many live busy lives. An inspiration to myself and the many other young people growing up. With that I'll close with a cliche statement: Never give up on what you love doing.

As always these lists are just naming a few of my favourites this year. I'll only be posting albums with artwork and a short description. Tomorrow my full list will come out with more in depth discussion. Hope everyone enjoyed these genre specific lists!

Anna Von Hausswolf - Dead Magic

Dark and gothic, synths are widespread across this doom laden album. Creating a sense of dread in the deep drones, and experiencing an occult lifestyle through music on Dead Magic.

Julia Holter - Aviary

One of the most ambitious albums this year, Julia Holter tackles an hour and a half musical transcendent experience combining classical, jazz, ambient, and pop.

Fire-Toolz -  Skinless X-1

Vaporwave is dead? Maybe so but Fire-Toolz utilizes vaporwave, black metal, industrial, and noise to make one batshit crazy album.

Yves Tumor - Safe in the Hands of Love

Moving away from his signature ambient sound, Yves Tumor brings a thought provoking release with the sounds of industrial, R&B, trip-hop, and ambient.

Hampshire & Foat -  The Honeybear

Their one of the two releases this year (haven't heard the second), Hamsphire & Foat at their roots are a folk duo. But what makes them interesting is the combination of classical, jazz, and field recordings. Also if you're looking for an album to play at your next DnD campaign, this album brings a medieval feel.

Machine Girl - The Ugly Art

Another batshit crazy electronic artist. Machine Girl returns with another amazing industrial experience, bringing sounds of noise and unique blend of electronic genres jungle, drum n' bass, and IDM.

Senyawa - Sujud

Senyawa are a duo from Indonesia, creating an interesting experience for the listener. Using traditional instruments, as well as metal, drone, and tape loops, we then hear the vocalist recite his poetry. Giving the album a ritualistic nature.

Inhumankind - Self-Extinction

Who said you couldn't be metal without guitars and drums? Inhumankind might be one of the most true to the word experimental here, using only flute and double bass (and some vocals) to create a hellish sound of death metal.

Susanna - Go Dig My Grave

An art pop project from the vocalist Susanna bringing in instrumentation of a harp, accordion, fiddle, and traditional folk singer to help her create a thrilling yet emotional experience.

Anguish - S/T

Combining forces of Dalek, Faust, and Fire!, this album gets insanely hard to describe. Mixing the genres of hip-hop, jazz, and krautrock for something entirely different of each respective musicians career.

Further Listening

Eiko Ishibashi - The Dreams My Bones Dream

Aisha Devi - DNA Feelings

Clau Aniz - Filha de Mil Mulheres

Meitei - Kwaidan

Lolina - The Smoke

Vessel - Queen of Golden Dogs

Lonnie Holley - MITH

foodman - Aru Otoko No Densetsu

Andrew Kalichak

Published 2 years ago