Ep. 17: Well, That Got Lost in the Mud

Bound to happen at least once right?

Latest Post Ep: 21 The Gang Plays "Would Jagan Like This?" by Aidan Liam Cloet

Bound to happen at some point right?

Andrew - Schlagenheim by black midi
Aidan - Gold & Grey by Baroness
Jagan - Metamorphosis by Blank Banshee
Classic Pick (Andrew): Red by King Crimson

Other discussed topics, with links:
Great black midi interview done by Loud and Quiet.
A really thorough and well-written review of Gold & Grey by Kim Kelly.
Another Taste Notes down - this time for Gold & Grey.
Blank Banshee's previous record - Mega.
A great (albeit long) dive into the King Crimson discography by a great YouTuber - deep cuts.

Aidan Liam Cloet

Published a year ago