Ep. 19: The O is Silent

Some audio troubles aside - we're back!...

10 days ago

Latest Post Ep. 19: The O is Silent by Aidan Liam Cloet

Aside from some audio troubles - we're back!

Andrew - The Flower and the Vessel by Felicia Atkinson
Aidan - CALIGULA by Lingua Ignota
Jagan - Angel's Pulse by Blood Orange
Classic Pick (Aidan): Ire Works by The Dillinger Escape Plan

Other discussed topics, with links:
Felicia Atkinson's personal site.
Incredible interview with Lingua Ignota done by The Creative Independent.
Blood Orange's music video for "Benzo".
Another Taste Notes down - this time for CALIGULA.
A good visual of what The Dillinger Escape Plan's live set (something they were very well-known for) looks like.

Published 10 days ago

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