Ep. 20: Roasted by Mark Kozelek

For context, here's the sword I was talking about....

a month ago

Latest Post Ep. 20: Roasted by Mark Kozelek by Aidan Liam Cloet


Andrew - Norman Fucking Rockwell! by Lana Del Rey
Aidan - Free Cell by Lina Tullgren
Jagan - Fear Inoculum by TOOL
Classic Pick (Andrew): Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys

Other discussed topics, with links:
Pitchfork's review of Norman Fucking Rockwell! Lina Tullgren's writing on Talkhouse, and how playing FreeCell Solitaire shaped their new record.
Yep, TOOL's new logo definitely folds to make a syringe. The more you know.

🎨 by Johnnie DG
🎼 by Seyeon Jung

Aidan Liam Cloet

Published a month ago

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