Ep: 21 The Gang Plays "Would Jagan Like This?"

Hopefully, we don't have to play this game for too long!

Latest Post Ep: 21 The Gang Plays "Would Jagan Like This?" by Aidan Liam Cloet

As we discuss on the podcast, unfortunately Jagan has suffered some ear damage that's causing him severe pain, so he may be down for the count for a few months. We're hoping to still continue InTune in some capacity during this time, but it may look a bit different or have episodes a bit further apart - or we might have guests on! We'll see and we thank you for your patience.

Andrew - The Practice of Love by Jenny Hval
Aidan - What Makes Vulnerability Good by Like A Villain
Jagan - In Cauda Venenum by Opeth
No Classic Album this time!

Other discussed topics, with links:
Jenny Hval's music video for "Accidents" A live performance of Like A Villain, showcasing their throat singing on TVPDX and the Swedish version of Opeth's In Cauda Venenum.

🎨 by Johnnie DG
🎼 by Seyeon Jung

Aidan Liam Cloet

Published a year ago