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A column where every week or two I will try to put out a cocktail based on one of our album picks on InTune - providing an interesting alternative to capture the essence of a record in a new way.

Flesh of the Stars - Mercy

I didn't hear much of Flesh of the Stars up until this point (shout out to the Heavy Blog is Heavy team for talking them up) but I knew right when I heard the first single "Rites" that this would be a record I would keep coming back to, enough so that I ended up choosing it for my pick on episode 18.

The Chicago-based doom band paired with prog elements has released four records so far, with Mercy coming out over two years after Anhilla. (a great record in its own right that I've been listening to while waiting for this one)

Flesh of the Stars still brings you some damn good doom, but are often accompanied by lush piano and guitar strings creeping in the distance. It's a heavier release than Anhilla, but that's by no means a negative - a third of the way through "Mercy" or "Burial" could tell you that. "Burial" also shares the emotionally stirring vocals that I absolutely adore with a strong sense of nihilism. ("we all split and decay / nature is patient / because we all are fated to return")

All this to say, as the album title may suggest - mercy or hope is embedded into the record. Which is where some of the inspiration for the drink came in. I especially wanted to showcase the taste notes of the more natural ingredients, like the lime juice and the mint, combined with the vanilla syrup. Creating a stronger sense of bittersweet that I believe Flesh of the Stars captures so well. The drink's name, "Missionary's Downfall" definitely helped as well.

Here's the recipe I used as a reference:

Missionary's Downfall

12 (or just a good, preferred amount) mint leaves

2 oz Lamb's white rum

1/2 oz Original Peachtree liqueur

1 1/2 oz Freshly squeezed lime juice

3/4 oz. pineapple juice

3/4 oz. Abiding Citizen Rich Vanilla Syrup

Lightly muddle mint in base of shaker. Add other ingredients. Shake with ice, strain into glass filled with crushed ice. Garnish with mint sprig.

Tune in next week or so for another!

Listen to Flesh of the Star's Mercy here.

Aidan Liam Cloet

Published a year ago